The Female Odd Couple
by Neil Simon

Olive Madison and Florence Unger, star in Neil Simon’s 1985 update of his famous play. The girls meet every Friday night to play Trivial Pursuit and the very-British Pigeon sisters have been replaced in this version with by the hilarious Constanzuela brothers. The behavior patterns that led to Olive and Florence's disastrous marriages begin to reappear in their new arrangement. This comic romp will leave you in stitches from their crazy antics.

Presented by Center Stage Players

September 20 - October 20, 2013

September 21 8pm October 9 2pm
September 25 2pm October 11 2pm
September 27 2pm October 13 8pm
September 29 8pm October 17 2pm
October 3 2pm October 19 8pm
October 5 8pm    


Rating: PG-13

Ticket prices for The Female Odd Couple are
Headline Show
Adults: $28
Seniors: $25
Children: $15

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