Get Involved

Thank you for volunteering to usher for the Shawnee Playhouse.

  • Please arrive approximately 40 minutes before show time. House opens 30 minutes before show time.

  • Attire: Black Bottoms, White Top and "Usher" Nametag

  • Each usher gets 2 complimentary tickets for the show on the day they usher. One for themselves and one for a guest. There is no "banking" usher comp tickets.

  • The Box Office Staff will assign the usher comp seats which will be towards the back of the theatre.

  • Ushers are to be at least 16 years old.

  • Please greet the customers and walk them to their seats.

  • Check e tickets with the manifest you are given.

  • If asked, please help with concessions at intermission.

  • Check the house for garbage and left over playbills after the show.

  • If you are unable to usher on a day you signed up for, please contact us ASAP so that we may find a replacement for you.

  • Please do not go behind the ticket/concession counter unless asked to help and please do not put your personal items there while you are ushering. Space is very limited.

  • We ask that you NEVER re-seat customers! Always send them out to the Box Office Staff if there is a seating problem (double booking, etc).


Other Volunteers Needed
~ Builders & Painters
~ Backstage Assistants
~ Costume Repairs
~ Prop Scavengers
~ Lifters, Luggers, Haulers, Movers
~ Deliver posters to approved businesses and receive tickets to a show


Please Call The Playhouse for more information on volunteering


Shawnee Playhouse could not produce a season of high quality productions and innovative programs without the generous support of our donors & sponsors or the enthusiastic help of our volunteers.


Donations are always welcomed. If you wish to contribute to the continued excellence and growth of Shawnee Playhouse you may send your gifts to:
Shawnee Playhouse
River Road
P.O. Box 159
Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania 18356


A complete list of donor benefits and sponsorship/volunteering opportunities is coming up soon. Please visit us back for more information or e-mail us at