Dancing at Lughnasa
By Brian Friel

Two time academy award winner Meryl Streep starred in the movie version of this wonderful story.

  August, 1936, rural Ireland. Step into the kitchen of the five fiercely proud Mundy sisters, a place for talking, laughing, and lively dancing—moments that defy the hardships of their daily life. Their brother, a missionary, has just returned from Uganda, and the sisters find themselves each on the brink of momentous change. Friel's Tony-Award-winning play captures a beautiful and exuberant sliver of these women's lives, a summer where love—and everything else—seemed possible.

Produced by SCOMC Productions

March 8 - 17, 2013

March 8 2pm March 15 2pm
March 8 8pm March 15 8pm
March 9 8pm March 16 8pm
March 10 2pm March 17 2pm


Rating: PG-13
Drama with Comedy & Dance

Ticket prices for Dancing at Lughnasa are
Special Event
Adults: $18
Seniors: $15
Children: $10


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