The Odd Couple
by Neil Simon

Oscar is a slob, but that’s the least of his problems! His apparently traumatic divorce has cauterized his ability to love. When he invites a group of the guys over for a game of cards, he meets Felix, who is meticulous and tense and recently separated from his wife. When Oscar proposes that Felix move into his large apartment with him, they both agree that it is to save on expenses, but patterns of their own disastrous marriages begin to reappear with hilarious results.

Presented by Center Stage Players

September 20 - October 20, 2013

September 20 8pm October 6 2pm
September 22 2pm October 10 2pm
September 26 2pm October 12 8pm
September 28 8pm October 16 2pm
October 2 2pm October 18 8pm
October 4 8pm October 20 2pm


Rating: PG-13

Ticket prices for The Odd Couple are
Headline Show
Adults: $28
Seniors: $25
Children: $15

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