Congratulations to all of the submitting playwrights!

The votes have been tallied and the

plays that have been chosen to be produced in 2020 are:


Spirit of the Blue Heron Inn

by Brian McDermott





 1st Place:  Press Pray by Seth Freeman

2nd Place:  Discovery by Marjorie Bicknell

3rd Place: The Talk by Scotty Mc Intosh

Honorable Mention: Mind versus Heart by Rich Strack



1st Place:  The New Pasteur by Michael McGoldrick

2nd Place:  Call Her by Paul Bowman










Playwrights are encouraged to submit their original works! 

Each year, Worthington Players will produce and perform the original work(s) of a playwright(s), chosen by our Executive Committee from among submissions received in our open contest and read before a live audience.

Beginning with the 2017 season, works  produced previously at any theatrical venue are no longer eligible for consideration.


Original Play Submission Requirements 

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2021 productions. Plays will be read over the summer of 2020 and the winners will be produced in 2021.
Deadline for submission is March 31, 2020.   
Short Plays Should Include:

  1. Page Numbers
  2. Brief plot summary & setting description
  3. Title on every page (footer)
  4. List of all characters with description (M/F, age, etc)
  5. # # #  or END to assure that all the pages are included


Full Length Plays Should Include:

  1. The Full Play  
  2. A 30 Minute selection. This a something that could be presented as a representation of your work to our voting committee.
  3. Stage directions
  4. Synopsis
  5. Anything additional you would like the audience to be aware of
  6. Page Numbers
  7. Brief plot summary & setting description
  8. Title on every page (footer)
  9. List of all characters with description (M/F, age, etc)
  10. # # #  or END to assure that all the pages are included


Submissions must be accompanied by a submission fee and the Shawnee Playwrights Series Form available below


Submission Fees are as follows

$25 for Full Length
$15 for One Act/Short Play

***Submission fee will be waived if playwright submits hard copies of play, with a copy for each reader/character and the Host/Director.***

Click Here For Submission Form

Payment info: 

Pay by check

Shawnee Playhouse 
PO Box 159 
Shawnee on Delaware  PA  18356 

Pay with credit card

  • submission form
  • or by calling 570-421-5093 during regular business hours.  

Electronic files may be submitted to:
Electronic files must be submitted in one of the following formats: 
.doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf 
Conversion into one of these formats is the responsibility of the playwright. 
Other formats will not be accepted. 

Paper submissions may be mailed to: 

Shawnee Original Playwrights Series 
The Shawnee Playhouse 
PO Box 159 
Shawnee on Delaware,  PA  18356 
Shawnee places no limits on the genre, style, or length of plays submitted.

Production of Winning Play

Responsibility for final production of the play lies solely with Worthington Players.  The director will be chosen by the Executive staff of the Shawnee Playhouse.   No monetary prize or compensation is paid.

Each year, Worthington Players produces original submitted works of local and surrounding area playwrights.