Welcome to the Shawnee Playhouse! We are pleased that you have chosen our theatre for your special day. Please arrange for the use of the Playhouse by calling the Executive Director, Midge McClosky to make arrangements for the date and time of your Wedding and Rehearsal as soon as possible.


The Music for your wedding is your responsibility. You may hire live musicians or play a pre-recorded CD. If using live musicians, you may use our upright piano. If using a CD, you may use our sound system for amplification. If you have any questions or need guidance in making musical decisions, please do not hesitate to ask.


The Playhouse seats 200 people. We will put your names on our Marquee in front of the theatre. Our wedding set includes a beautiful white Arch, and soft stage lighting. Additional decorations are at your discretion. Please note that you are also responsible for removing any decorations immediately after the ceremony. Any decorations not removed will be discarded.


The Florist you select is up to you. If you wish to leave flowers for the theatre, we thank you.


Photographs are allowed in the Playhouse. It is always a good idea to make arrangements with someone ahead of time and know exactly what pictures you would like. Please keep in mind, that theatrical lighting is quite different from natural or even most indoor lighting. Be sure that your photographer is aware of our unique lighting situation.


The Rehearsal is important if you have a group of people involved in the wedding. The person performing the ceremony should supervise the rehearsal. A full rehearsal will take about one and one half hours, so please plan accordingly.


The Marriage License needs to be given to the person performing the ceremony at the rehearsal. There is no blood test required in Pennsylvania, but there is a 3-day waiting period before you can get the required license. In order for the ceremony to occur, the marriage license must first be acquired.


Bride’s Dressing Area is available downstairs for last minute preparations. Our backstage dressing rooms are also available on some occasions.


Out of consideration for the environment and those cleaning the Playhouse, we request you do NOT throw rice or confetti and that you do not release balloons as you leave the theatre. Birdseed is fine, but only outside, beyond the steps of the building.


The Rental Fee is $500 for a wedding. Please note that a $100 deposit is required to secure the space. The $400 balance is due two weeks prior to the ceremony.


The Shawnee Playhouse is eager to be of service to you. If you have any questions, please call Midge McClosky, Executive Director at (570) 421-5093, or send an email to her at


Additional Offerings


A Dramatic Wedding:
Have the wedding of your dreams at the Historic Shawnee Playhouse. Use our “Wedding Set” and stage your ceremony in our beautiful 200 seat theatre.
Rental Fee $500.00


Confidence Coaching For The Bride & Groom:
Want to make your perfect day less stressful? Spend a few minutes with one of our experienced actors to learn how to be at ease in front of the crowds. Learn secret tips on how to stay calm under pressure, how to look at ease, and how to ENJOY your special day to the fullest.
½ Hour Private Coaching, $20 per person


Making The Most Of Your Toast:
As toastmaster, it is your responsibility to break the ice, warm up the crowd and speak honestly from your heart. Our talented staff can help you not only write as well as execute “the PERFECT toast!”
½ Hour Private Coaching, $20 per person


~ All wedding bookings are based upon availability of the theatre and our performance schedule.